Monthly Archives: June 2021

Flexible screen is no longer a high technology for everyone. the current application is more widely used in cell phones, such as Samsung and Huawei’s folding phones. Today we share with you a flexible displays concept design for automotive. Designer: Xing志yuan 

Today we share the work of a 3D artist named “Red Naughty”. According to him, this work has been designed since 2018, and many different versions have been designed during this 3-year period.

DeepTing IP series is back after several months of design exploration ~ After a period of training and bonding, Captain DeepTing and the new members of the “Hearing Planet Sound Search” fleet, aboard “Spaceship 021” Sail to the vast universe to unlock those fascinating unknown signals …..

MODOLI is a 3D creative designer, I have seen all his works, each piece is very creative, very imaginative and tasteful in color combination.

What is a “living art museum”? Home life + aesthetic fashion of the full range of consumption scenes, playing a big cross-border business combination linkage, as a new upgrade of the combination of entertainment consumption place, attracting countless love of life, recognition, the pursuit of aesthetic value of the crowd to come. With aesthetics as the guide, it is not only a living retail gathering place, but also an exquisite social platform. The store and Red Star coincide to create a modern…

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Today share a more practical small tool, it can help you quickly generate a set of app color palette. You can adjust the MAIN COLOR and the software will automatically display the SECONDARY COLOR and ACCENT COLOR. Also you can adjust the Brightness, Hue, Saturation and Brightness. it is still relatively easy to use.

If you want to learn css, or are a very experienced development engineer, we share CSS Layout Online Generator with you today, which should give you a boost of efficiency. This online generation tool has a very simple and easy to understand interface.

Today we share a doll designed by TAKITOYS, he is an adult toy enthusiast. I dare not look directly into your eyes, I can only steal a glance at your eyelashes, a billion fields of larks and starry rivers bloom instantly. I look forward to your eyes like autumn waves, diffuse over me it, diffuse over me it. I long for your greetings like luan clouds, run to me, run to me. You are my military flag at war with this boring…

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This is a film concept design exercise, designed by Bluebluhdorn.

Today to share a children’s product design, they are: fork, spoon, dining chair, potty and hair washing chair. Ami training fork and spoonCare for the baby every experience moment. Incorporate simple one-piece design to elaborate the art of living, the pursuit of the use of the real, to meet the baby’s desire to explore. Folding retractable hair washing chair.Designed in accordance with the baby’s active nature.The use of beautiful rounded arc design to avoid bumping hidden dangers, the use of EU design…

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