Monthly Archives: July 2021

Before the design, we did basic research to discover some of the attributes of the convenience store industry and also to help the client explore the differences in the personality of the store itself. We tapped into the brand name “Baipeng”, which means “hundred = 100” + “peng = friend”, and combined it with the brand founder’s “entrepreneurship and Combined with the founder’s original intention of “entrepreneurship and dream”, we created the brand gene of 50+50=100, “The most important friend for everyone…

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I want to catch the transparent wings of the bright glow of time. And then go to the early spring to pick red wild fruits on the hillside. When the mountain breeze passes through the nest of white crows, the traces of the beasts’ running are covered by the cascading leaves, deep in the forest is the dwelling place of the elves, the light of life is soaked in the bottom of the lake, following the gravel of the meteorite that disappeared,…

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Break the conventional pattern and be a different style of PIQIQI girl.Love and courage are the two key words of PIQIQI.A person loves herself first before she has the ability to love others.It also takes a lot of courage to be brave and be yourself. Pikitch is stubborn and amiable, looking bad and even a bit rebellious, but the spirit she conveys is never positive. This is precisely the most obvious characteristic of contemporary girls – we are not willing to be…

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The picture book “Alice in Wonderland” painted at the end of last year was finally published, hahaha, this time the style is a little different from my past, a little bit of new experimentation, the overall is on the dark side of the dreamy and magnificent feeling. The overall painting process is also organized, welcome to communicate ~ ~ ~ – Design by MISS Papaya.

These portfolios are from AnswerLau Design. All are some puzzle games with simple interface and fresh colors.

“This painting expresses like we can see ourselves in each other, the young and confused us is what you used to be (the fox outside the door) and then you are what we imagine in the future (the fox inside the door)

This is the 2020-2021 logo design from the “East Design” team. If you want to get logo design inspiration, these logos below may give you some IDEAL.

Volvo Cars website designed by QiuHuang.

The jelly fan is made of transparent material with gradient painting process, simulating the colorful semi-transparent effect of jelly color, with lively colors and rich visual layers. The unique four-way air intake design allows the jelly fan to have sufficient air volume and wind speed in a compact and portable size. The back clip and detachable lanyard allow the jelly fan to be used in a variety of scenarios, including handheld and wearable.