Monthly Archives: August 2021

A very cute USB charging plug design, let’s take a look at how the designer describes his work: We often say that the cat’s tail and the cat are two different creatures, it also often forget that they have a tail. This time we want to make this charging plug also has a tail, it can be used to store and fix the data cable. Of course if it wants to …… but I think it may not remember that it also…

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This is the work of a designer called ” Grey Cat Rice”, who collaborated with NEOGO on a children’s puzzle illustration. According to him, it still looks a bit imperfect, but he has gained a lot of new ideas and inspiration from it. And hope that in the future can come up with a better idea works it ~

I had one absurd and fantastical dream after another, falling from one dream into another. In the mountains and rivers, above the clouds, running forward, chasing after things I can’t see but desperately want to touch – design by Gray Cat Rice.

● A Calendar of Pluto is a calendar that marks the relationship between Pluto’s dates and Earth’s dates, and will allow you and I on the blue planet to make a temporal connection with the gray dwarf planet billions of kilometers away. ● This calendar records a full year of Pluto’s dates in relation to their Earth counterparts. From August 20, 1909, when Pluto was first captured by Earth-based photographic instruments (a retrospective discovery) as the start of the year, each page…

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This is the Tokyo Olympics promotional video for Huawei Petal Search, from planning to final completion in almost twenty days, hope you like it. Design by Simlynn

Firegate III, the theme of social terrorism to do the creation, the recent work has also been slow (addicted to the game …) However, I hope you like it ~ thank you! Designer: PS Hsiao Kang.

Three Bodies” is a series of full-length science fiction novels written by Liu Cixin, consisting of “Three Bodies”, “Three Bodies II – Dark Forest” and “Three Bodies III – Death Forever”. The first part was serialized in Science Fiction World magazine since May 2006, the second part was first published in May 2008, and the third part was published in November 2010.The second book was first published in May 2008, and the third book was published in 2010. The work tells the…

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If you want to get inspiration for corporate brochure design, today we share 2 brochure designs with you, they are from SADDM and White Ice Designer.

The character’s personality is completely shown through expressions, and then the character’s mental state is reflected through actions. Designed by “SeeYou is Bitter”.

A simple online pattern generator to create repeatable SVG patterns. Speed up your website without compromising on image quality. Perfect for website backgrounds, apparel, branding, packaging design and more.