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Animation Layers V2.1.3.0

Use the standard Animation Layer user interface and workflow to quickly edit your animation or Mocap data directly in the 3D viewport using the additional layer functionality.

New Updates New features in Animation Layer V2 –

V2.1.3.0 – Includes more NLA functionality – repeat and reverse are added when custom frame ranges are turned on. These values are now also included in AL Bake and smartbake.
Also added its own sync action operator that automatically sets custom frame ranges based on action length and speed/offset/repeat properties.

Animation Layer is a plug-in that simplifies the work of the NLA editor into a standard animation layer workflow. You can quickly create, select, and edit each layer without going into NLA’s adjustment mode, and see the end result when working on any layer.
Quickly add or remove layers, or control their impact with NLA’s “Mute, Impact, Solo and its Blend Mode” options.
When you’re happy with your animation, you can always merge your layers or bake into a new one.
If you want to keep the overall number of keyframes the same after baking, then you can also use the Smart Bake option.


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