Designed by the artist “Mad View”, the “Kapok Kapok mass-production” robot is a customized engineering machine for the Mars Exploration

This is the work of a designer called xFraud artist. He used three digital design app to complete his work:

The naked-eye 3D video designed for Changfang International Plaza was created with the theme of discovering beauty, abstractly combining architecture,

Organizer: John HanchenDesign: octopus mo, Xiao YingziRendering: Pai Ke, Xiang Yu LY_Evolution, A sugarPhotographer: potatoRetouching: Zhaoxiao, Sun Li, Zhang WenStyling:

Audrey Hepburn, this is the most challenging 3d character I’ve ever done, I hope I can make her really live

If you have more than 30 years old, certainly no stranger to Doraemon, Doraemon accompanied us through a happy childhood,

This is the Tokyo Olympics promotional video for Huawei Petal Search, from planning to final completion in almost twenty days,

Three Bodies” is a series of full-length science fiction novels written by Liu Cixin, consisting of “Three Bodies”, “Three Bodies

Today we share the design of a 3D artist called CUIJINGFAN, and each of his works is very beautiful. The

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