In the cold winter, to people who are struggling, a warm hug.The appearance of the product is a doll.The shape

If you like Despicable Me movies, I think you will like the Minions gift box designed by Kibosha.

KERLOSO, a wine brand from Chile, is the Spanish word for “mystery of the magical gargoyles”. On the remote Easter

The naked-eye 3D video designed for Changfang International Plaza was created with the theme of discovering beauty, abstractly combining architecture,

Organizer: John HanchenDesign: octopus mo, Xiao YingziRendering: Pai Ke, Xiang Yu LY_Evolution, A sugarPhotographer: potatoRetouching: Zhaoxiao, Sun Li, Zhang WenStyling:

TRACK is an exploratory film about image creation.We want to communicate the new capabilities and brand values of Viamaker to

We wanted to reflect China’s achievements in the moon landing on the gift box, so that it would be more

The V monster skateboard tournament is an annual event that brings together many monsters. Sun, Pig, Sha, Tang were ordered

The use of 3D curved, EVA high-quality raw materials + gold foam technology, the soft + elastic embodiment of just

If you have more than 30 years old, certainly no stranger to Doraemon, Doraemon accompanied us through a happy childhood,

A very cute USB charging plug design, let’s take a look at how the designer describes his work: We often

‚óŹ A Calendar of Pluto is a calendar that marks the relationship between Pluto’s dates and Earth’s dates, and will

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