Chameleon Adaptive Palette For Photoshop CC

Chameleon Adaptive Palette For Photoshop CC

Concept artists and digital painters were considered in the design. Chameleon Adaptive Palette is an intelligent palette/swatch system that can be adjusted intelligently to keep you smooth.

To †install:

With the deprecation of extension manager CC, installation of zxp can now be installed with the

superb and entirely free installer from Anastasiy- as recommended by Adobe.

To run:

You can find Chameleon Adaptive Palette in the Windows>Extensions menu of Photoshop

Note: All Extensions can be bound to a hotkey like any other native panel 🙂

What’s new ?

Version 2.4.5

● Updated for Photoshop CC 2018+

● Added left handed option in dropdown menu

● Introduced a much†more user friendly label mode to replace labels off.