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Cinematic Lighting

Improve your 3D lighting skills by watching a 6+ hour advanced course that provides a step-by-step guide to setting up cinematic lighting in Blender.

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It’s all really quite simple: lighting is everything! After all, in order to see anything, you have to have lighting. After all, in order to see anything, we need light. As 3D artists, we all know this obvious fact, but we still often make the mistake of spending more time on modeling and hardly think about the lighting, which is what defines a scene.

The secret to lighting that isn’t flat
Does this sound familiar? Sometimes a scene looks “bland” or lacks any feeling? No matter what I do, the lighting just …… look ‘too CG’ and lifeless?”

It seems that some successful lighting artists just intuitively ‘know’ what to do and naturally have the ‘eye’ for it. Consciously or not, they use a sort of to-do list of where to place the lights, how to set the correct levels, etc.

If you simply check most or even some of the boxes from this list, the results improve immediately. The good news is: it’s not rocket science and lighting in Blender can be learned fairly easily if you know where to start.

What is this course about?

  • A quality 6+ hour step-by-step guide to Blender lighting
  • Learn how to light people shots, still life (and object) shots, and 3D environments.
  • Understanding the Cycles and Eevee lighting workflow
  • Project files: Get all the environments and useful assets shown in the course, such as node sets, textures and models.
  • All videos are closed captioned with human editing (English).
  • Full explanation of all the qualities of lighting to help any render feel more dynamic and cinematic.

Instructor Bio
Gleb Alexandrov: award-winning, coffee-loving, guitar-playing 3D artist and YouTuber of Blender tutorials.

Six years ago, Gleb released his first tutorial project at Creative Shrimp, which some of you may remember as Realistic Lighting. it was a huge and important milestone in Gleb’s artistic career. Now he shows the culmination of all that their team of 3D artists have learned about lighting since then.

What do I need?
This course is 100% vanilla Blender. no third party plugins or applications are required.

However, rendering does require reasonable hardware, so if in any doubt, please check Blender’s own recommended minimum specifications.

Difficulty. Intermediate
Some familiarity with Blender’s basic interface and tools will definitely help. If you are just starting out with Blender, then we recommend that you look at any beginner courses first to get yourself properly familiar.

Download list:

Creative Shrimp – Cinematic Lighting in Blender.part1.rar

Creative Shrimp – Cinematic Lighting in Blender.part2.rar

Creative Shrimp – Cinematic Lighting in Blender.part3.rar

Creative Shrimp – Cinematic Lighting in Blender.part4.rar