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Illustrator 2022 free download and new features

What’s new in the latest version of Illustrator.2022

Apply 3D effects with re-imagined product experience (Technology Preview)

Easily apply 3D effects to vector objects by extruding, rotating, or applying lights.  

dd textures using Adobe Substance materials (Technology Preview)

Apply materials to create graphics with realistic effects. 

Share for commenting

Share a link to your Illustrator document with anyone. View, review and share comments to stay on the same page.

Contextual self-guided content with discover panel

Discover contextual in-app self-guided onboarding content to aid users in their design journey. 

Seamless activation of missing fonts

Detect missing fonts and activate them automatically in the background when a document is opened. 

Enhanced productivity with Select same text

Modify text characteristics of multiple text objects at a time.  

Place linked cloud documents

Work with linked Photoshop Creative Cloud files in Illustrator. Relink, update, or embed to work on the file.

Support for HEIF or WebP formats 

You can now open or place High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF) or WebP format files in Illustrator. 

Simplified variable-width strokes

You can now work with variable-width strokes easily with fewer anchor points applied. 


Here’s another, better way to use Illustrator 2022 for free:.
Download Adobe creative cloud, then download Illustrator 2022 and finally use Adobe Genp (win) or Adobe Zii (Mac) activation tools to activate Illustrator 2022 for free.

Free active(mac)

Free active(Win)

Of course you can also use the standalone installer to install it and then use the activation tool to activate it for free: