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LogViewPlus – Log analysis software

LogViewPlus v3.0.0

On-demand log file analysis.
LogViewPlus collects information about your log files by parsing log entries. It identifies log files by name and pairs them with a parser to do this. The parsed log entries enable a host of new features.

Parsing Log Entries
In most cases, LogViewPlus can automatically generate a parser for your log files. We can also very easily configure a custom parser to meet your requirements.

Filtering and Searching
LogViewPlus supports standard text-based search, as well as filtering. Filtering is better than searching because filters can be chained up to match more complex search criteria.

Share Your Analysis
Log files show the state of a system at a point in time. With LogViewPlus, you can save your analysis to archive or share it. Perfect for issue tracking tools like Jira or Trello.

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