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Marvelous Designer 12 full version

Marvelous Designer 12 Personal Multi

A unique solution for 3D artists. Marvelous Designer is the best solution for making, editing and reusing 3D clothes. Save your time and make tiny wrinkles on your clothes. Create complex custom clothes in just a few clicks.

Fast and easy
Marvelous Designer uses true traditional fabric making methods to create 3D fabric models.
Anyone can create natural 3D wrinkles with Marvelous Designer.

Effective and efficient
Create reusable 3D assets for a variety of 3D characters.
Deliver standardized, high-quality results for every artist
Create countless variations with one costume asset.

Fast and accurate
Fabric Simulation
Marvelous Designer provides the most accurate and fastest fabric simulation.
Check the natural and realistic wrinkles that form automatically.

Fabric Simulation
Use the most powerful fabric simulation engine with different presets, CPU and GPU simulations.

Create patterns easily
Customize 2D patterns to create a perfect fit on your own avatars. Track 2D patterns from UV and reuse old pieces for new rigs.

3D File Compatibility
Transfer data between other 3D software by using OBJ, FBX, Alembic, Maya Cache, PC2, LXO and MDD file formats.

Mesh Conversion
Remesh, Subdivision and Retopology features to optimize meshes for your production pipeline.

Trim and Detail
Add buttons, zippers and stitching to your garments. Simulate the weight of the trim to make realistic effects on your clothes.

Record interactive fabric simulations with the flow of wind. Create stitch animations by editing stitches frame by frame.

Modular design
Mix and match garments from the pattern database in the module pattern and configurator.

Automatically add alignment points to A- or T-shaped avatars, allowing you to drape clothing over the avatar at any time.

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