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Nebulosity v1.1 (Updated 11-22 2022)

Nebulosity is a GPU accelerated plug-in for After Effects. It generates volumes with the help of noise, layers and ramps that can be colored with different techniques. It can create nebulae, galaxies, clouds, smoke, etc.

How does it work?
Nebulosity uses a ray marching algorithm to display density. The density is calculated using a noise binding layer as a mask and a slant.

Basic form
The basic boundary shape of the volume is set with a box or sphere. In cut or squeeze mode, custom layers can be used to customize the shape. Bevels can also be used to mask the volume. The edges of the volume can be smoothed out nicely with feather bevels.

Merge noise

Set the density with up to 3 different noise layers. Scattering noise can be of three different types. Volume noise, spiral noise and inverted FBM noise. Each noise can be fine-tuned and animated with the evolution slider.

Emission gradients
The emission source of the volume can be a color, layer or gradient. In the emission source gradient mode, the gradient can be distributed either by density or radially from the center, or by noise. In both density and radial modes, noise can affect the distribution.

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