Ocd (One Click Damage)

Ocd (One Click Damage)

The OCD plug-in is designed for man-made structures made of stone, concrete or brick: walls, tombs, tombstones, ancient ruins, columns, barricades, etc.

Programmatic approach – Imagine if, after a day of sculpting all those details by hand, you had to change something and start over. With the OCD plugin, you have complete control over your time and effort.


  • New multi-select feature – Want to apply damage to a bunch of objects* at once? Now you can!
  • Instant visual feedback – Any adjustments appear on your model in real time.
  • Slim user interface with adjustable parameters – no need to dig through dozens of sliders and meaningless numbers.
  • Versatile procedural noise – hundreds of damage variations without repetition.
  • Automatic material creation. – OCD assigns a material to damaged parts, and it’s smart enough to see if your object already has a material.
  • RECALL feature – No more trying to find a copy of the original model if you want to try different noises or even add/remove some details after application. With RECALL you have the option to change your mind, even after a few days*.
  • Ctrl/Commd function – gives you some extra control over your workflow. Now you can apply damage more quickly.