GraphPad Prism 8 for Win/Mac is a powerful scientific software , which has been perfectly activated and cracked, is the latest version for June 2019, Prism is one of the famous software for regression line analysis. It is one of the essential software for many users in the field of research biomedicine.

Nonlinear regression is an important tool for analyzing data, but it is usually more difficult than needed. No other program simplifies curve fitting like Prism. in fact, you can usually fit the curve in one step. Simply select an equation from a list of widely used equations (or enter your own) and Prism does the rest automatically – fitting the curve, displaying the results as a table, plotting the curve on a graph, and inserting unknown values.

Placing data from multiple datasets side-by-side in an organized data table, Prism can aggregate all the data at once. You can apply the same model to each data set separately, use global nonlinear regression to share parameter values between data sets, or apply different models to different data sets.

Don’t be fooled by simplicity. Prism also gives you a number of advanced accessory options. It can report confidence intervals for the best-fit parameters as asymmetric ranges (contour likelihood method), which are much more accurate than the usual symmetric intervals. It can also automatically interpolate unknown values from the standard curve (i.e., analyze RIA data), compare the fit of two equations using the F-test or Akaike’s Information Criterion (AIC), plot residuals, identify outliers, differential weight data points, test for normality of residuals, and more.

While it does not replace heavy-duty statistical programs, Prism allows you to easily perform basic statistical tests commonly used by laboratory and clinical researchers. Prism offers t-tests, nonparametric comparisons, one-, two-, and three-way ANOVAs, contingency table analysis, and survival analysis. Analysis options are presented in clear language, avoiding unnecessary statistical jargon.

Unlike other programs, Prism provides understandable statistical help when needed. Press “Learn” from any data analysis dialog box, and Prism’s online documentation will explain the rationale for the analysis to help you make the appropriate choices. Once you’ve made your choices, Prism presents the results in an organized, easy-to-track table. Prism documentation goes beyond what you might expect. More than half of them are devoted to detailed explanations of basic statistics and nonlinear curve fitting, teaching you what you need to know to properly analyze your data.