Red wine packaging design – by LangcerLee

Red wine packaging design – by LangcerLee

KERLOSO, a wine brand from Chile, is the Spanish word for “mystery of the magical gargoyles”. On the remote Easter Island stand the amazing Moai statues, how they were built is still a mystery.

The wine label creates a scene of what the voyagers saw when they first set foot on the land, peeling back the grass to see Moai, volcanoes, red lily of the valley in full bloom, animated brown deer and vultures. The closure is decorated using the contents of the ancient documents that discovered Easter Island, and it records the mystery and beauty of the place. And the golden space left for people to express their mood at this moment.

The bottle is wrapped in natural paper, with different colors to distinguish the different grape varieties of red wine, vintage and rustic. The words “who am I”, “where am I” and “what am I doing” on the top add to the mystery and wit of the stone statue, while the burn marks made by fire on the top of the wrapping paper represent the lost memories. The burn marks on the top of the paper wrapping represent the lost memories, as if hiding the erased civilization.

The bottle is wrapped in paper and tied with straw rope, and decorated with natural lapis lazuli, the same material used in Moai, to further seal these long-standing memories and return everything to its original form.

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