Sequence Ninja

Sequence Ninja

Please note Sequence Ninja is a Windows-only desktop app.

Special features:

Find Sequences

Find all sequences within any folder or subfolder and filter them by the latest version.


Easily browse useful information about your sequences. Find missing frames, check start and end points, list other versions, and even multi-channel layers.

Batch Encode

Encode multiple sequences at the same time. Multi-threaded, with each encoding running on its own thread.

Batch Rename

Effectively rename one or more sequences at a time. Simply select a new name and every file in the sequence will be updated. Includes the ability to change frame padding.


Output mode simply overwrites the preset output of each sequence, encoding it into a common directory.
Publish mode encodes your sequences and then copies all the output, as well as the compressed frames, to a specified directory.
This is very useful for packaged delivery or review.

Sequence Ninja works seamlessly with your pipeline.
A regular expression can be set to capture custom variables in the sequence path that can be used with environment variables and built-in date variables.

Custom Profiles

Profile creator allows the building of custom profiles to suit any output requirements.

  1. Want to split a large rendering into different projector/camera splits? You can.
  2. Need multiple outputs with different crops or aspect ratios for different social media channels? It’s easy.
  3. Want to encode high quality prores for delivery, but also want to encode low resolution h264 for preview? It’s easy.
  4. Need to add an audio track? No problem.


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