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Simple Bend

Simple Bend is a handy tool for bending subdivided meshes.

You can add edge loops or subdivide your mesh

Select the faces to be bent (either all faces or just the middle section)

Run the tool and drag on the yellow axis to bend.

You can easily bend the selected mesh by dragging on the axes on the screen.

You can also bend only the selected section and let the connected geometry follow suit. (Press the C key to select the section)

Edge Axis Mode
This is the advanced mode of simple bending. It is useful for bending at any self-defined angle.

It works as follows.

The tool reads your “last selected edge” as its bending axis and direction. It needs two edges and they cannot be co-linear (in the same direction).

In order to use this mode, you have to switch to Blender’s edge mode, select the part, hold down the Shift key, then deselect the “2 edges” and reselect the “2 edges” (this process will make these edges Blender’s last selection) and then run the tool.

You can see the GIF below to get a brief idea.

Note from the gif above that when you select the last two edges, the order of selection is important.

First edge: the direction of the grid.

The second edge: the direction of the bend.

They have the following meaning.

(When you run this tool, you can also press W to swap axes.)

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