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Speed Lines

Speed lines will create shape layer paths that follow the path of motion of your object, even if it is parented or uses expressions. You have full control over the number and style of strokes. Also, everything can be updated after the script runs.

Link as many shape layer paths as possible to your moving objects with a single click Seriously, it’s that simple: select your animation layer and click “Create Velocity Line”. It literally takes less than 5 seconds.

Now you can focus on more important things, like actually animating.

With Speedlines, you can.

Attach strokes to your animated objects, even when using other scripts and expressions.

Control the style of your strokes in the way you like.

Easily update settings, even after the script has run.

Effect control

These effects will be used on the Shape Layer.

Velocity Line Length: the length of the stroke extending from the starting point.

Offset of the speed line. The distance of the line from the start point.

Speed Line Enable End. The end point of the locked stroke.

Speed Line End. Moves the end point when “Speed Line Enable End” is checked.

Script UI Panel

Create Velocity Line. Applies the current settings to the shape layer.

Update Velocity Line. Use this button to update the velocity line after the script has run.

Line Count. Change the number of strokes behind the animated object.

Separation. Change the distance between individual strokes.

Thickness. Change the size of the strokes.

Parent/expression. The script will analyze each frame to take into account the expression and the parent object.

Offset angle. Change the degree of strokes separation.