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Squash & Stretch Pro

 Squash and Stretch Pro – Create animations in no time with Squash & Stretch, which features a large number of usable behaviors, carefully crafted by professionals and controlled by an intelligent system. This professional version includes more than 60 additional behaviors and 350 additional sound effects, and can be extended with additional behavior packs.

His Pro version has many more features than Squash & Stretch’s free version, including

  • More behaviors (including more than 60)
  • More sound effects (including more than 350).
  • It can also be extended with more behavior packs (with this short survey that tells us what kind of behavior packs we should create).
  • The toolbar includes the full version of the TextExploder extension (same functionality as TextExloder V2, except that it can only be executed from the Squash & Stretch UI, i.e. it does not include the Script API and KBar API).