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Starship Generator

Starship Generator v1.1

Starship Generator – Add random sci-fi spaceships to your scenes in Blender and export them to applications like Unreal Engine. For concept artists and game developers who want to create background 3D models for use in art, animation, games, or as a source of inspiration.

An example of the plugin can be seen on its Instagram page.

Simply add a starship model to your scene from Blender’s Add->Mesh menu.
Create different designs by changing a seed number.
Customize the geometry nodes set in Blender: no custom code required.
Select the panels added to the 3D model or the included Cycles displacement material.
Change the material to increase or decrease the density of the object.
Collapse all modifiers for regular 3D models.
Create based on design theory to ensure the shape is visually appealing.
See the provided .blend file setup examples, including the full blueprint rendering setup seen here.
Tutorial Videos
A complete video playlist is included.

  1. Installation
  2. Quick Start
  3. Materials
  4. Exporting to other Applications (Substance Painter, Unreal Engine)
  5. Use Custom Objects
  6. Add More Detail with the Displacement Material
  7. Adding the Window Lights Material
  8. Dealing with Islands
  9. Dealing with Smoothing Issues
  10. Getting Ready for 3D Printing or Sculpting
  11. Reducing Geometry
  12. Improving Performance
  13. Identify Good Designs with Silhouettes
  14. Adding Boosters
  15. Duplicating Starship Objects

The plugin does not create any type of spaceship; its focus is on creating longships similar to Sulaco from Alien or Rocinante from Infinity.
Best used for medium shot/background shots unless further modeling and sculpting is applied.
Designed to be as fast as possible, but performance will vary from computer to computer when changing parameters.
May result in hours of clicking on seed values just to see what kind of design you can get.

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