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Stutter Edit

Stutter Edit 2.1 Win

iZotope Stutter Edit 2 is a great effects plug-in from iZotope, the latest enhancement to iZotope Stutter Edit for Mac. The new version of Stutter Edit 2 allows you to create the famous “stutter” editing effects to slice and dice samples, tracks, and mixes with the touch of a button. iZotope Stutter Edit 2 has been significantly enhanced in every way.

Stutter Edit 2 lets you create the famous “stutter” editing effect with one button to slice and dice your samples, tracks, and mixes. Fire off rhythmic gestures, sweeping filters, glitchy effects, or everything at once.

Get started with Auto Mode
With the new Auto Mode, you no longer need to spend time setting up MIDI in your DAW to make this happen. Simply load Stutter Edit, start Auto Mode, select any gesture, and press play in your session to start hearing the effects immediately. Auto Mode is great for quickly auditioning gestures and finding the ones you like. You don’t have to worry about pressing or holding keys, but can concentrate on designing and customizing your gestures.

Icons for ozone and neutrons

Icons for Ozone and Neutron
New gestures with more rhymes
From simple trap patterns, cinematic sweeps, transitions, and everything in between, Stutter Edit 2 is filled with new gestures (presets) designed by BT and iZotope’s expert sound design team. Use Auto Mode to audition gestures to find the perfect match, and plug in your MIDI controller to automatically map gestures to your keys, firing off any combination of gestures.

More effects, crazy potential
Add color and ambience to your gestures with a colorful set of effect modules, including brand new effects like reverb and chorus. Set a range for any parameter and Stutter Edit 2 will “move” that effect along with the gesture. Add more craziness with the new time variable modifier – let your reverb tail sweep through, your gates and pans pump, and your distortion disintegrate in sync with your accent edit. Effects can be bypassed and rearranged in any order, creating endless possibilities for sonic insanity.

 1, the new Time Variant Modifiers (Time Variant Modifiers), including a full-featured can save the pre-programmed curve envelope editor (there are 12 built-in pre-programs), you can set the modulation range and Time Variant Modifiers (TVM) to get the effect of crazy movement.

  2、Auto mode can pre-listen to various effects in real time.

      3, a variety of new effects: comb filter, chorus, flanger, phase shift, tape stop, delay, distortion, reverb, and each other can exchange the order of action.

      4, the new distortion effect with multi-segment mode, each segment has 18 kinds of distortion can be selected.

      5、The improved Lo-Fi effect can digitally destroy your sound, it is also the key effector to do glitch.

      6, the new chorus effects can be added to the depth and thickness of artificial processing, adjustable pitch and sound image.

      7, The new reverb effector is a reconstruction of BT’s personal reverb effect library, and any parameter can be modulated.

      8, the new comb filter effect can be done in stereo or mono sound field under feedback.

      9, The new flanger and phase shifter can add psychedelic colors to your sound.

      10, the new tape stop (Tapestop) effect can be made similar to the effect of vinyl records to stop playing, you can make the record fast duration change of the stop effect.

      11, the new delay effect can be corresponding to the cut and release action you press with the MIDI keyboard.

      12, each effect can be controlled towards.

      13, many new presets made by BT himself.

      14, can do freeze.

      15、Global filter.

      16, stutter effect settings can be seen directly through the visual feedback.

      17, the main output can be added to do the sound color limiter, through the modulator to modulate it, you can also get similar to the effect of the side chain.

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