Substance 3D Painter

Substance 3D Painter

substance 3d painter is a new release by Adobe is a professional-grade creative software, often referred to as the Photoshop of the 3D world, through which users can apply textures and materials directly to 3D objects to breathe life into your work and thus make it look more realistic. The software is extremely versatile, with all the tools needed to texture 3D resources, from advanced brushes to smart materials that automatically adapt to the model, it helps users create any look you want, from product design to realistic gaming and visual effects to projects such as stylized animations. And the software has smart materials that can adapt to any object to show realistic surface detail or wear, as well as explore masking presets that can adapt to any shape and use efficient, dynamic tools for drawing.

In addition the advanced viewport feature in substance 3d painter previews all the artistic decisions made by the user in real time, using advanced lighting and shadows to iterate over complex materials, ensuring a more creative and easier way to draw textures. In addition, every action and stroke is recorded in this software and can also be recalculated at any time, meaning that users can change the resolution of a project or even modify existing painting strokes without compromising quality. The software can now be used extensively in game and film production, as well as in product design, fashion and architecture. It is the must-have 3D texturing application for creative professionals everywhere.

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