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Text Effects

Text effects are the fastest way to animate 3D text in Blender

Text effects allow you to build complex font animations without math or keyframes. You just need to apply your favorite effects to your text (e.g. typewriter, wave, wiggle, randomize ……) ) and you’re done with your animation.

Main Features v0.99k2 :
Import animation text from .blend New
Copy Animation New
Replace text New
Support for changing fonts New
Paragraph support (for easy text art)
Text on curve path
Custom presets and saved fonts
Custom font and key evaluation
Multiple animated text/reload sessions

Animation creation

New position effector
Wave animation New
Custom interpolation curves New
Convert selected text to animation New
Paragraph animation (multi-line)
Animation radial propagation
Animation Loop
36 types of interpolation – easing
Random transformations, oscillations (+ random walk)
Baking animation


Gradient (transparency) New
Random color added
Axe up path
Path follow normal
Apply material

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